Author References

David Zilber

David Zilber, "Loneliness and Altruism"
David Zilber, “Loneliness and Altruism”
David Zilber, "Rejection"
David Zilber, “Rejection”

David Zilber,originally from Toronto, is a professional culinary artist.

Besides cooking he has other creative outlets such as photography,

painting, writing, and industrial design.

Tatiana Gulenkina

Untitled 2012 unique photogram on type C paper 16'' x 20''
Untitled from “Things Merging And Falling Apart” 2012
unique photogram on type C paper
16” x 20”
Untitled from "Vanishment" 2010 digital C print 16'' x 20''
Untitled from “Vanishment” 2010
digital C print
16” x 20”

Tatiana Gulenkina was born in Russia.  She obtained a BFA in Photography from the Maryland Institute College of Art (USA) in 2010.  She works with digital technology and darkroom techniques.  Her body of work “Things Merging and Falling Apart” is a series of type C contact prints made in the darkroom without using a camera.  I find inspiration in those images for their emotional expression.  In “Vanishment,” we see absence through personal objects; which relates to my on-going project.

 Christian Boltanski

Christian Boltanski, (Installation) Grand Palais, Paris
Christian Boltanski, (Installation) Grand Palais, Paris

Born in 1944, Christian Boltanski is a conceptual artist based in France.  He works with found photographs, objects such as used clothing. His work deal mainly with mortality and capitalism; and the arbitrary factor in both.

Barbara Savedoff


Barbara Savedoff is a Professor and author of “Transforming Images. How Photography Complicates The Pictures” (one of my favorite books).  She talks about gestural and perceptual ambiguity in visual representation.

Donigan Cumming

April 27, 1991
April 27, 1991

The work of Cumming deals with the human body, truth, fiction, taboos, and social documentary.  In the photograph above, he is referring to the subject’s, (Nettie Harris) mortality.

Born in 1947, he is an artist who works with photography, video, and sound.

Doris Salcedo

Born in 1958, Doris Salcedo is a Columbian sculptor.  She deals with absence and mourning in her work.


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