Out Of Luck!

“Friday 13″ (Oil on canvas 24″x 30”)

“Broken Mirror” (Oil on canvas 24″x 30″)

“Spilled Salt” (Oil on canvas 24″x 30″)

“Black Cat” (Oil on canvas 24″x 30″)

Superstition is a topic I never felt the need to address because I am a skeptic. Every culture has their own set of superstitions. Sometimes the same superstition is found in more than one culture. While some are about safety for instance not walking under a ladder others tap into the supernatural.
I decided to represent signs of bad luck in which the individual has not control. Unlike opening an umbrella indoors, spilling salt is accidental. I realize that because these paintings depict bad luck, they might go unpopular but my beliefs or in this case my disbeliefs are not excluded from my artistic expression. 
With my work, I always seek an emotional reaction from my viewers. Likes or dislikes equally bring me satisfaction for they are evidence of a connection. I am a passionate artist and I find reward in creating work that starts conversations. 


Comments or Questions?

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