The Illusion of Real (First Draft)

Draft_01 As I was trying to understand the world, I came up with the idea that “being myself” was one of the necessary elements to Happiness.  Happiness… What a very subjective concept!  It can easily be fabricated by organizing a set of components in a very specific order tailored to one individual or a group.  It is just an idea. In fact, it is only the acceptance of a certain condition or a lifestyle; which would be in alignment with some pre-existing concept based on one’s personal illusions or society’s expectations.  “Be yourself,” a phrase usually uttered to boost self-confidence, actually means the opposite of what it states.  The truth is: society is designed to repress our unique nature.  Since birth, we are placed in a mold and are expected to grow and transform only in a way that will match the mold, therefore forsaking any part of us that does not fit.  We subconsciously know and play by this rule.  My mistake was to think that it would be acceptable to “be myself” when clearly the world is not interested in the “real.”  We are all performers in the theater of life.  I did not understand my part, which in fact is a series of parts.  Indeed, we must master different types of performances in order to be social.  This body of work is the summary of my understanding of the world, based on experience and observation.

What makes being real unattractive or inconvenient? Well, real is not flexible.  It cannot be adjusted or manipulated; so we create the idea.  The ideal version of something or someone is more practical than the real version.  Real is just real; whereas ideal has a lot of potentials.  Love is not even real.  When looking for a partner, the one we end up choosing fits our ideal.  The real version of who they are cannot be modified therefore we create an idea of them and we only love that idea.  It is a perfect game because each partner understands the concept and tries to be that ideal for the other.  We are always performing for each other.  Since we embellish or distort the real, what we know as reality is only an illusion. 

The only real thing one has the ability to know is their own true nature.  But how does one stay aware of their true nature since society has been transforming it since they enter this world? Do we even own our ideas? Those ideals we create would they be solely the bi-product of our social persona?  I cannot even claim this essay to be real since I am myself in the social mold.  For all I know, I could also be an illusion, a product of my own imagination… 


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