Self-Referential Differential – PHT3040

The Time
The Time

The work I am referencing is titled “Mourning Sophie.”  Sophie, a deceased young woman, is the focal point of that project.  My goal is to reveal her absence through objects that prove that she once existed. The emphasis on her absence is part of a mourning process.  Photographing Sophie’s belongings is an attempt to inform on the nature of her death and understand it.

Sophie is fictitious character that I am representing as real.  I first asked myself what the reason behind this choice was.  Creating someone who is suffering (and then dead) is my way of dealing with the lost of a family member, since Sophie had to deal with the loss of a loved one as well.

The Self-referential Differential will reveal the fictitious aspect of “Mourning Sophie” while exploring my motivation.  I am repressing how I feel about that loss because I do not know how to deal with it.  I do not talk about it because I want to stay strong and not fall apart.  The veil on each image represents my tendency to cove up my feelings.  Tragedy is my personal taboo.  The handwritten notes,  reminiscent of dedications on family photographs,  are a way to start accepting that    a person closed to me has become a memory.


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