Beyond The Façade

The creative process involved in this body of work turned out to be therapeutic as I went a psychological journey through self-reflection.  I started by questioning my personal identity and wondering what exactly would define it.  Although my behavior reflects my personality, it is tailored to any given social situation.  Which one of my personae is actually real?  My quest did not take me to unknown terrains, but instead became a way for me to embrace my identity.

I decided to do a survey of my traits while being aware of the role that Haitian and American cultures play in the development of my character.   When my parents decided to move in to the United States back in 2004, I was nineteen.  At first, it was very hard for me adapt to my new environment.  I became an adult while living here.  The habits I have now and the mindset I developed would have been different if I was still in Haiti.  My most prominent influences from Haitian Culture remain in my childhood.  Now that my life is away from the homeland, I am losing touch with Haitian culture; therefore I feel that I no longer belong.  My personal identity has many aspects and is essentially linked to memory.  Some childhood memories from Haiti are fading away leaving for new ones created here in Boston.   With a hint of nostalgia and optimism I reveal my thoughts through the imagery while hoping to convince myself that I know who I am.

01_Eyes_of_the_Past 02_Religious_DilemaF 03_Liberty 04_TiesToNativeLand 05_Identity_010_Inescapable 06_Crystal_F 07_Black_and_Right 08_Identity_071WallMemory 09_Motherly_Touch_Canvas 10_Motherly_Touch 11_Self_Scrutiny 12_Skill_Talent_F 13_Evid_Obstinacy 14_Invitation_ft_Mind 15_Typical_F 16_Lost_Memory_F


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